A different path for the discerning small business owner.

Why Work with Us

We specialize in the specific business markets that we know and love the best. This allows us to obtain and provide greater insight, knowledge, and resources to our customers. Since we can’t be everything to everyone, nor want to, we can focus on specific projects and customers that allow us be as creative as possible, giving you our undivided attention and providing that special, unique solution you desire.

It is our steadfast belief that we provide the best results through knowledge, expertise, and mutual trust. You are coming to us for a solution, not to purchase a block of time. Our pricing is higher than most others because we specialize in specific business systems, take the time to understand all the issues you are having, and can provide a fixed project price. Hourly billing tends to refocus the engagement on the number of hours being spent on an issue, not the outcome.

We are selective in the projects and customers we accept. The admission process is based on the type of project or request, our connection with our customer, and a shared belief in value. Quick fixes and inexpensive (cheap) solutions are usually detrimental to all parties. We expect our customers to allow us to lead them through the engagement, willingly accept our advice, and allow themselves to see their business in a different way.

Our Journey

In 2011, Tribal Ledgers, LLC was created to provide an outlet for our passion of both technology and accounting. No longer bound by the constraints of billing by the hour, realization rate quotes, and just antiquated industry beliefs, we could follow our passions, bring actual value to our customers, and, finally enjoy what we do best.

Our approach to any project is one of discovery and exploration. We never recommend a solution without first understanding the issues you are having, and then move past those symptoms to the actual problem. From experience, if someone starts offering solutions (software or services) before understanding the problem, they are not concerning with bringing any value to your business. We’ve been on the receiving end of that many times.

By specializing in the retail, ecommerce and professional firm markets, we can hone our skills and knowledge to provide a customized solution for your unique business.  Our concern is our customers’ satisfaction and sense of value obtained. Our approach to your project takes into account that your customers are looking for the same. No need to have the greatest set of integrated software if it takes thirty minutes to ring up one sale or for a customer to check out on your website. Focus on your customer and their experience – everything else will fall into place.